About Us

J.T Affordable Autos Limited is a subsidiary of MJRG holdings specially set up to meet the demands for affordable luxury cars in Nigeria economy ranging from commercial transport. Private cars etc. With our strong passion for quality delivery of affordable cars with international partners globally.

AT J.T Affordable autos we are expert in cars sales, car swap, car shipment, car outsourcing, car verification expert and car purchase with over 15years years’ experience in car dealership business in Nigeria, We are also Nigeria certified used car dealers

Sale verified cars category

  • Brand new cars of all brands
  • Foreign used cars of all brands
  • Certified Nigeria used cars of all brands
  • Distressed certified cars of all brands
  • Certified upgraded cars of all brands
  • Buy verified cars categories

  • Brand new cars of all brands
  • Foreign used cars of all brand
  • Certified nigeria used cars of all brands
  • Distressed used cars of all brands
  • Salable cars of all brands
  • Redundant cars/ abandoned of all brands.
  • Sported cars
  • Parked for long cars.
  • Swap verified car categories

  • Swap a car for landed property
  • Swap all brands of cars
  • Swap distressed cars for all brands
  • Swap of cars are based on model
  • Swap upgraded cars of all models
  • Swap of foreign used cars with brand new ones
  • Swap certified Nigerian used cars for foreign or brand new ones
  • Car sourcing company category

  • Source cars of all brands
  • Source foreign and Nigeria use cars of all brands
  • Source distressed sales
  • Sourcing good cars deals for clients
  • Car rented service category
  • Rental of all kind of cars of all brands
  • Cars for event renting
  • Cars for corporate assignment
  • Car for rental for inspection
  • Heavy truck for home movers
  • Become an auto dealer with J.T Affordable autos (training), auto registration, Plate numbers change, vehicle inspection

    At j.t affordable autos, we help client register their plate and auto registration

    Premium inspection

    Background check: We help do back ground check on cars before purchase and verified document to avoid defrauded

    Preorder a car: We preorder cars for potential clients, we ship cars for potential clients